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By | November 11, 2020

How do you rekindle your boring sex life? Lots of the gents that I date at Heathrow escorts from say that their sex lives are boring. Men can be a bit selfish when it comes to sex. Could it be that their partners think that their sex lives have become dull as well? I often think that is the case, and I know that the girls at Heathrow escorts agree with me. Women can get bored in bed as well. It was essential to appreciate that pleasuring your partner is vital when it comes to good sex.

One of the things that you can do is to have more spontaneous sex. Making love at different times of the day is fun and not a problem when you have time off together. Many of the gents that I speak to at Heathrow escorts seem to want to make love at night so that they can recover, as they like to call it. What they must appreciate is that the night is not when a lot peak sexually. I know from my own sexual experience that I peak at different times during the day. For instance, I may peak halfway through my morning shift at Heathrow escorts.

How about introducing some sex toys? I don’t think that you should jump straight into sex toys. Most of the girls who work at this Heathrow escorts service enjoy sex toys, but they choose them together with their partners. There are some great places where you can buy sex toys these days, and you can even watch demo videos. Before joining Heathrow escorts, I was not really into sex toys, but now I love them. My boyfriend and I have an entire toy cupboard with different sex toys.

The element of surprise works as well. Suppose your partner or wife is busy doing the house cleaning on Saturday morning. How about surprising her with an early morning surprise. When I have a day off from Heathrow escorts, that is what my boyfriend does. I love it, and I have told all of my friends here at Heathrow escorts that it is something that works. If it works for us, I am sure that it would work for other people as well. It would help if you tried it sometime.

Life is not all about sex, but it is an integral part of our life. Couples who have good sex lives tend to be more intimate on other levels, and I think that helps. I can’t say that my boyfriend and I shared everything straight away, but since we learned how to appreciate intimacy on more levels than one, I think we are closer. Getting there is the trick. Try to remember things like sensuality, and at the same time, I think that more guys still need to help out around the house. Giving a woman time to become more sensual can help a lot and share your sex life a real boost.

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